ADLIV Media is a rightful publisher of B2B magazines: Medicare Infohub, Communications Tech, TV Trade Journal and Dataset & Transmit. The company only publishes credible business stories which are substantiated by facts and proofs. Currently, our editorial work reaches the targetted audience through our niche magazines.

About Us

Adliv Media was started in the year 2012 and has been adamently delivering authentic news updates and crucial industry insights through the circulation of its publications. The company currently publishes four magazines which consist of business stories and cases studies of products from multiple niches. We pride on our unbiased reporting and commited to relay untampered stories of the market to the targetted audience. We have a highly skilled and experienced team of designers which ensures that our printed materials give the due asthetic pleasure to the readers and our advertisers get the bang for their buck. Our correspondents ascertain the information and data with scrupulous attention and diligently work to prepare coherent and decipherable content for the niche audience. We ceaselessly attempt to increase our B2B publications' reach to a wider audience group, with the objective to shorten the demand and supply gap in the respective market.